Euroa Secondary College encourages all students to participate in school camps and excursions, as they provide memorable experiences, enable first-hand learning and provide opportunities for students to become better acquainted. School camps are run for Years 7, 8, 9, 10/11 and 12. Please see below for more information.

Year 7 – Narmbool Environmental Discovery
Held at Narmbool near Ballarat, Victoria. Year 7 students are encouraged to attend this school camp as a way of strengthening and forming new relationships with their peers and be introduced to some fun and challenging outdoor teamwork activities.


Year 8 – Howqua Camp
Howqua camp provides students with the opportunity to experience outdoor activities such as rock climbing, hiking, bike riding and water activities. Students develop an understanding of the environment, build and enhance relationships while participating in fun teamwork activities.


Year 9 – Bogong Camp
This year students will attend the Bogong High Plains Camp. Students will have a week long experience of different outdoor pursuits such as rock climbing, archery and hiking. The camp inspires students to work as a team, but also develop some leadership skills. In addition to this students will develop new relationships and enhance ones already made. Finally students will develop an understanding of their impact on the environment and how they can help to minimize their carbon footprint.


Year 10 or 11 – Central Australia Tour
The Year 10 Central Australia Tour is a two-week camp in which students travel to South Australia and the Northern Territory to see landmarks such as Uluru and Coober Pedy.


Year 12 – Study Skills & Team Work Camp
The Year 12 Study Camp provides an opportunity for students to participate in study skills and teamwork.  It is an opportunity for the group to bond as a team and support each other in achieving their future goals. This camp is run as an overnight camp at Howqua.