The Principal, Assistant Principal, Sub-school Leaders and Learning Specialist comprise the Euroa Secondary College Leadership Team. Currently the members are:

Principal – Leanne Winfield

Assistant Principal – Matthew Koutroubas

Junior Sub School Leader (7-9) – Laura Hepburn

Senior Sub School Leader (10-12) – Fiona Townsend

Teaching and Learning Leader – Angela Tough

The Leadership Team meets each Tuesday morning to discuss DET initiatives, Strategic Planning, Curriculum, Student and Staff Welfare, Professional Development and administrative matters pressing at the time.  Leadership team members are encouraged to work at levels in and beyond their responsibility areas within the College and extending to the state education system in Victoria.

Leadership Team members are also leaders of the Staff Focus Groups with the task of engaging teachers to focus on performance and development plans incorporating at least three sources of feedback in their quest to continually improve the teaching and learning within the College.