Our Staff

Principal – Harold Cheung

Assistant Principal – Kevin Bott

Teaching and Learning Leader – Mathew Long
Pathways Leader and Assistant – Adrian Bright 
Business Manager – Greg Blatchford
Year Level Coordinators and Assistant Year Level Coordinators:
  • 7/8/9 Junior Sub School Leader – Laura Hepburn
  • 7 Educational Leadership – Teagan Kohn
  • 8 Educational Leadership – Jason Schultz
  • 9 Educational Leadership -Duncan Birks
  • 10/11/12 Senior Sub School Leader – Fiona Townsend
  • 10 Educational Leadership – Kairen Patterson
  • 11 Educational Leadership – Liz Gallagher
  • 12 Educational Leadership – Phil Smith

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Family Teacher Interviews

Thursday 4th April, 4:20pm-7:20pm and Wednesday 1st May, 4:20pm – 7:20pm

To create a smoother and subsequently more informative opportunity for feedback/dialogue between classroom teachers and families, the College uses an online booking system.

For this system to work, everyone must make a booking. 

Interview ‘slots’ will each be ten minutes with the intention of having 7 to 8 minute conversations, followed by a quick change-over time to allow the next interview to start on time.

The earlier you book the more chance you have of getting times that best suit you. 

To make your appointment please go to: www.schoolinterviews.com.au.

1.  Log on to www.schoolinterviews.com.auwith the event code: 8kfq7
2.  Enter your details: Email, Parents Full Name, Student Names, the number of students you are booking for, then individual student names.   ðGO
  Select the Subjects then Teachers for each Student.   ðGO

4.  Choose the times for each teacher & student on the day you wish to attend.   ðGO

5. Summary then shown.

Bookings are now OPEN