Year 9 – A Year with a Difference

Many students entering Year 9 may not yet have considered their options for what they would like to do after secondary schooling. Year 9 – labelled “a year with a difference”, aims to expose students to different ideas, important information and skills that can help them plan for the future. In particular, students in Year 9 are involved with the Beacon program through mock job interviews as well as the POLISH program, which teaches proper etiquette, interview tips, and skills in communicating and dining with employers and co-workers.
Year 9 differs from Years 7 and 8 in that students have more choice as to which subjects they take. The Expeditions Program, which runs every Wednesday for the year, focuses on real life learning, with activities such as CFA Advance, Agribusiness and school-based community involvement for students to choose from.

Georgia’s Year 9 Experience
I guess I’d better start with subject selection for creating and expeditions at the end of Year 8 – I couldn’t decide what I wanted to choose. I picked Solar Cars and a friend and I are the only girls in the class! For my expedition I’m doing Sports Coaching and so far I have really enjoyed it. I was excited to be chosen as a Beacon Student Ambassador. I always look forward to participating in school sport and round robins, and enjoyed that Kirkland won House Athletics-go Red! I am looking forward to the rest of Year 9 and my time at Euroa Secondary College- an enjoyable time spent with my wonderful friends, and having fun along the way.

Click here to read more about the Beacon program. More information on Year 9 curriculum can be found in the College Handbook.

Year 10

Year 10 aims to prepare students for VCE, with all subjects being elected by the students. Each subject, with the exception of English and Maths, is run for one semester, which allows students to “preview” a range of different areas of study. This is helpful in discovering which areas students may be interested in selecting for Year 11 and 12.
The “Careers” subject is mandatory in Year 10, and focuses on self-discovery, narrowing down career choices, and explaining the VCE and VCAL scoring systems. Students are also given more information on School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships, which they are encouraged to seek out if interested.
Work experience is an important aspect of the careers subject, as it is an extremely useful experience in previewing life in the workplace, and giving an in-depth indication as to whether the career will suit you or not – very helpful information to have under your belt. It is compulsory for all students to undertake work experience as one of the outcomes of careers.