Year 12 Camp

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Monday April 18 saw Year 12 students from Euroa Secondary College students travel to Camp Howqua with Year 12 Coordinator Kim Saxon and Year 12 teacher Kairen Patterson for a teamwork and study skills camp. Upon arrival the students were given an orientation to the camp and then broken into two groups to tackle some team building activities. These consisted of an obstacle course that the students liked to call “Survivor Howqua” and the flying fox. After tidying up from these activities, the students had their evening meal This was followed by a study session where the students were left to their individual preference on how they would complete some school work that they had brought with them for the camp. The evening rounded off with more initiative and team building exercises, this time held indoors under the direction of Kim. After an early rise on Tuesday, the students took part in further study sessions, with different focuses that allowed them to explore how they best could organise themselves so that they reaped the best results from their study/homework time. To complete the formal part of the camp, Acting Principal Kevin Bott discussed with the students the importance of goal setting in their VCE/VCAL year and beyond. This discussion included advice how they can go about setting goals, what it looks like to achieve them and how to set about actually doing this. Included in these goal setting discussion were topics on the difference between homework and study, what their study routine might be, what might be non-negotiable in developing a study routine, what their study environment might look like and how they might deal with distractions or stressors. Through the leadership of Kim, Kairen and Fiona Townsend and the support of all staff remaining at the College to release the camp supervisors, this camp proved to be a successful one for the participants in that it allowed them to gain a greater insight in what it will take for them to make their 2016 academic year a success. After such a positive response from those who participated in this opportunity, planning has already begun for a similar experience for the Year 12 cohort of 2017.